ABOUT TIM MCNAMER and Ballistic Cycles 


Tim McNamer of Ballistic Cycles has been in the motorcycle industry for almost 18 years.  His journey began with crazy custom Choppers and has evolved to feature award-winning Baggers that have turned the custom touring industry inside out.   

You would think the unconventional ideas and skill set of Ballistic Cycles’ owner Tim McNamer originated in a huge metropolitan area such as  Arizona, California, or even Florida, but instead he was brewed in a small sleepy town called Blue Mounds, Wisconsin where beer, cheese and rolling green hillsides as far as the eye can see make a beautiful landscape for creativity and inspiration. Tim learned this specialized trade from his many years of passion for bikes, the way they are built  and the people who built them. We like to call this the school of hard Knox!

At Ballistic Cycles, Tim has dedicated his time to developing his skills in all aspects of customization.  Tim's goal is to push the boundaries of innovation and remain one of a kind!  He brings to the industry, quality, uniqueness and above all  the most desirable motorcycles and motorcycle parts available on the market today. Tim has earned the respect of industry leaders, and is very proud of the reputation he has earned as well as the business relationships and friends he has made on his journey to be the best.  


Today, Tim McNamer continues to build one off ideas from his award-winning motorcycles Ravenous, Paradigm,Taylor Made, and The Gangsta to bikes like the Hubless and Double Hubbless. For more of these bikes, visit our gallery by clicking here.  

As an industry leader in Custom Motorcycle innovations, Ballistic Cycles’ mission is simple – to build the highest quality Custom Motorcycles, parts and accessories using leading-edge design, highest quality materials and the latest technologies.  By continuing to push the boundaries and limits of what is possible, Tim and Ballistic Cycles will continue working on new ideas and prototypes, helping to push the boundaries, keeping things new and ever changing. Tim wants his customers to stand out in a crowd and take that fist place trophy every time!

If you are looking to be that person who stands out in the crowd and wins that first place trophy? Ballistic Cycles is where you want to go! 


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